The Bible

Breath of God Ministries (as you can see on our ‘About Us‘ Page) has many goals about making the Bible Freely Accessible to anyone and everyone. To that end we are working on quite a few projects that achieve this goal (all of which are also listed on the About Us page).

Below you find links to examples of what we plan to accomplish as well.

The Greek New Testament:
This project in one real sense, is one of the major starting points for Breath of God Ministries. As one team paraphrases the Bible another team is dealing with this Greek and working on the translation of it.

The Holy Bible: Breath of God Version:
This is a new edition of the Holy Bible. (It is also known as the Breath of God Bible.)  It is a Modern English translation of the Bible that will be freely available and that has been (and is being) produced by Breath of God Ministries. Our team is proofreading and formatting to make this Bible available (for FREE) here on our website. We plan on having several different file types available as well as (eventually) a print version for sale (all proceeds of which will go to support the ministry and give away free Bibles).
((Please Note: that most of the New Testament has been translated and is being formatted. We are working the files for some of the shorter letters now to allow them to posted here.))

Reader’s Edition:
This will be an edition of our translation of the Bible, but it will not include any verse numbers, chapter numbers, footnotes, cross-references, subject titles, or anything else detracting from the main presentation of the Word. We are hoping for a simple and elegant format which will feel like reading a book. We are hoping to have a copy of the Word of God which will make people want to read it again and again.

The Breath of God: the Bible Paraphrased:
This work is not finished yet and is in the preliminary phase of work. We hope to have the Gospel of John finished soon. We have finished the paraphrase of the Epistle of Jude. Everything else in this Project is still “In Process”.

The Breath of God Study Bible:
This is one of our major goals that we can help believers get into God’s Word (His Breath) deeper and find a deeper, richer relationship with Him. The BOG Study Bible is the BOGV and BOG in parallel with study notes and information laid out around it.


  1. The Breath of God Example Volume 1 – Jude
  2. The Breath of God Example Volume 2 – Obadiah

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