About Us

If you would like to get in touch with us for any reason feel free to e-mail BOG Ministries at Bible@BelieveBetterMinistries.com.

This is a website dedicated to the Breath of God: the Bible Paraphrased (BOG). A new version of the Bible that is a paraphrase of the English Bible. It’s aim is to compare and contrast as many translations of the Bible as humanly possible and bring the Bible into modern conversational English.

The BOG is openly a paraphrase of the Bible with the main goal of making an easy to read and understand copy of the Bible.  This can be viewed as exactly what the Bible was written to be. The New Testament especially was written in a dialect called Koine (κοινή) which meant common. It was not the “technical” language of the time but the spoken easy to understand word. That is what the BOG aims to do to the Bible (again).

The Goals of Our Ministry:
(Listed and Explained)

  1. Paraphrase the Bible into modern, spoken English.
  2. Make the Bible Freely Available in English
  3. Make the New Testament Freely Available in the Original Greek
  4. Produce High Quality study aids and tools for those who wish to get into and study the Bible.

In the working of this ministry we have always had our goal of making the Word of God understandable for anyone and everyone who speaks English. This is, and always has been, our primary goal.

Our secondary goal has also been there all along and that is making the Bible Freely Available to anyone and everyone. To that end we have started producing our own original translation (the Breath of God Version or BOGV) and have started formatting that for publish as PDFs and paperback editions (the money of which will go to supporting Bible donations and free Bible giving). This Translation will be placed in the public domain when it is finished making it Freely Available.

Our tertiary goal is to have the New Testament in the Original Language (Greek) Freely Available for anyone and everyone to have and use. To that end we have gained the text of the Robinson and Pierpont, The New Testament in the Original Greek: Byzantine Textform, 2005 (Chilton Book Publishing, 2005). We have chosen this text partly because it is in the Public Domain and freely available, and we believe it is the best version of the Greek New Testament. We are only formatting the text (leaving out any critical apparatus) and will be producing high-quality PDFs of the text. We also plan on publishing this text in paperback form (again with the proceeds of which will go to supporting Bible donations and free Bible giving). We have chosen to publish this text because it is out of print and we would like to see it readily available to all. (To find out more about this Greek Text Click Here.)

A goal that we have which is a culmination of the two previous goals is we wish to publish a few variants of the above Bibles including (but not limited to):

  1. The Breath of God Interlinear New Testament
  2. A Greek/English New Testament:
    Including the Greek Text on the left hand page and BOGV translation on the right hand page.
  3. Two Parallel New Testaments:
    1. One with the BOGV and BOG
    2. A Second (Possibly) with the Greek Text, BOGV and the BOG.
  4. An Array Study Bibles (Mainly though the Breath of God Study Bible – this also relates to the next goal which is explained below).

Our quaternary goal is to produce high quality study aids. This could be anything from work books to Study Bibles (which we already plan to produce as stated above). These would be things that allow people to get into the Word of God better and help those who are seeking.

Above all else our Goal is honor God. We want our work to be pleasing to Him and point to Him rather than detracting from Him. We hope that our work will help people to get into His Word and study to find out what it says. To that end we are (in every way possible) attempting to present the Word without doctrinal or theological bias.


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