Type Setting and Bible Publishing, Update Q2 2018

Hey everyone,

RB May here with some new info and updates. The first thing is we are hard at work on the translation and set up of the Bible. Part of the process is choosing the right typeface (or font) for the project. We had chosen a font and were fairly happy with the results until we printed out some test pages in a much smaller size. The “regular” weight of our font (and the lightest weight available in our font) was rather bold. You can see this in the PDFs of the books we have available already.

This made the smaller size of the text on the test pages rather hard to read. The boldness made the letters start to run together and made it hard to distinguish some words. So, we started looking for a different typeface which would allow us to have lighter strokes for printing in small size and heavier strokes for putting our PDFs together for the website. We considered creating a typeface (and may still do so) but for now we found some great fonts which come in a multiplicity of weights. (One, in fact, comes in 18 different weights.)

We have settled on a font for now and are going through the process of typesetting the Bible into this new font. It is really a chore as it the font size is just slightly different (this is common which is why it is very rare to change a font when one is chosen). We are going to use Colossians as our example. We have retypeset the book for both small print and normal print. You can see the new PDFs by clicking here for Normal Print or here for Small Print. (Please Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat or another PDF reader to view these documents.) Both of these are set on 8.5×11 Letter so you can print them out and view them.

We look forward to your feedback. We love what we are doing and hope you enjoy our hard work.


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