Update – July 2017

Hey everyone, RB May here to give you a brief update as to what is going on with Breath of God Ministries. The biggest news we’ve have earlier this year was Breath of God Ministries coming under the administration of Believe Better Ministries. BOG Ministries will be looking at changing some of its mission statement as far our admin is concerned. We look forward to the time when we have the whole Bible translated and are working hard on getting the New Testament finished.

We finished 2 Peter not to long after the previous post went live and it is up on the Bible Page. We have been working on the Gospel of John most recently. With it being a longer book it is taking longer for us to finish it. This will most likely be the first book we actually publish as well, as Believe Better Ministries is planning on using it to put out an outreach edition. We hope you are looking forward to seeing the BOGV Gospel of John in print as much as we are.

This is where some of things have changed. With BOG now under the head of Believe Better Ministries it means they are the lead and may decide the order in which we translate the Bible. BOG is being allowed to be an autonomous section of Believe Better Ministries, but in the future when we finish the translation of the Bible, this aspect could change.

As always, thank you for the support you are giving to BOG Ministries. We look forward to completing our goal and finishing this new translation of the Bible.


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