Updates – 1 Peter & Colossians

Well hey everyone,

We are pleased to announce you can now see links to several books on the BOGV’s Page. We are trying to get everything finished by the end of this year to have a full New Testament out by mid-year next year. so far we are on track to accomplish our goal. We are hard at work trying to make it happen.

The biggest news however is we have come under the leadership if Believe Better Ministries. This does not mean there will be any changes to the BOGV or our mission, it simply means the day to day tasks, funding, and publishing will be left to them, we will continue our work on the Bible.

This move actually frees up some of our members to be more involved in the translation process rather than have to put so much effort into administration. We also have a new e-mail address because of it: Bible@BelieveBetterMinistries.com. You can now send e-mails to this address and get a hold of us.

Any questions on getting involved in the ministry should now placed before the Believe Better Ministries Administration (whom you can reach at contact@believebetterministries.com).

Thank you so much for your support and we look forward to having the entire New Testament available soon! Thank you so much!


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