Update – December 2016

Hey everyone,

Well we hope this year has been good for you, that you’ve seen the Lord’s presence in your lives. This year a lot of effort was put into the translation. Last year we finished the Jude Example Volume and much of the year was spent putting finishing what we wanted in the Old Testament version of the Example Volume and then finishing the Obadiah Example Volume. We have made progress in the translation of the New Testament (which as of right now is our primary goal) while all this was going on.

You can see this progress in the fact we have translated 1-3 John, Philemon and 1 Thessalonians. We are a prayerful group. I say this not in boast, but to point out how slow our progress has been. We take every word placed on the page in the translation process to the Lord. It is a heavy responsibility translating the Lord’s word and we treat it as such. You can see all of our translated work on the Bible Page.

We are looking (as always) for more volunteers to take part in the ministry. If you feel suited to do so or feel the Lord has called you to do so please e-mail us.

We look forward to hearing from all of you, and Merry Christmas everyone!

Jared J. Evans
for the BOG Ministries Team