The Epistles of John

Well, with the translation of Obadiah finished, it freed up our translation team to return to work on the New Testament (which is our priority for translation) while our Executive Editor Ray B. May  IV (head of Believe Better Ministries) prepares the study notes for BOG Study Bible portion of the Obadiah Example Volume we have returned to work on the translation of the Bible.  This being said we are excited to announce First, Second and Third John are finished with translation. They are going through their final round of editing and should be up on the Bible Page later on today or early tomorrow.

This is exciting as we are four books down of the 27 total of the New Testament, this leaves us with 23 books left. We are fairly certain we will have Philemon translated within the next two weeks which gives you more to look forward to.

The BOG Ministries Team would like to say a big thank you everyone who has patiently waited for us to get our acts together over the past two years and finally make it to this point. We are looking forward to what will be accomplished over the next two years!

Jared J. Evans
for the BOG Ministries Team