The Ministry Team at BOG Ministries would like to clarify why we have changed out plan from Ruth to Obadiah.

The reason for this comes in two:

  1. The First reason is that Editorial & Translational Staff had already chosen Obadiah as the project that they would be working on to use as an example of the Old Testament and there was a communication breakdown as far as which book had been chosen.
  2. Obadiah is more comparable in length of Jude than Ruth is.

For these two reasons we have had to redact which book we will be putting forth as our example.

We also want to put out some boiler plate information as far as translation of the Old Testament is concerned. Where in the New Testament we are planning on publishing the complete Greek text and an Interlinear of that Greek text we are not doing this with the Hebrew Old Testament text. This is for a few reasons but mostly because the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (BHS) is under copyright. We also do not have the capability – at this time at least – to handle texts which read from right to left rather than left to right. We have chosen the BHS as it is the most authoritative Hebrew Text currently available.

To that end we have done the same work with the Hebrew as with Greek and in the Obadiah Example Volume you will see what we are labeling our BOG Literal Translation. This literal translation will only be available in this example volume and we will not be publishing it as a standalone, but you will be able to see the work we have done with Obadiah as far as our literal translation is concerned.


Major Update

The first thing that needs to be announced is that we have changed which Old Testament Book we are using for our example. We had originally picked the book of Ruth and have now changed to use the book of Obadiah. We have finished the initial and secondary rounds of translation and it has gone through the first three rounds of editing which means that we are ready to produce the Breath of God Version of Obadiah.

We are excited to announce that our first book in the Old Testament that we have translated is finished and we are ready to put it up here for you all to see. You can download a copy of Obadiah from our Bible Page. It should be available on that page later today.

We also want to make announcement on the issue of copyright. The copyright of the Breath of God Bible – in all its forms (the Breath of God Version, the Breath of God: the Bible Paraphrased, the Breath of God Study Bible, the Breath of God Reader’s Edition, and any others) – is held by Breath of God Ministries. This copyright is not to stop you from using the Breath of God Bible – in any of its forms – but it is to make sure that there is not another version of the BOG floating around out there or another version masquerading as the BOG. We plan on putting the BOG out for use in an easy way.

We will be working this as we continue to work on the BOG.