The Breath of God Project Part 1

Click Here to Download the Breath of God Project Part 1: Jude

Hello all,

We are proud to unveil the first part of the Breath of God Project. This is a two part project that will have a book from the New Testament (Jude) and a book from the Old Testament (Ruth) available in all planned formats for that book.

For the New Testament we are planning on having five distinct versions of the text available:

  1. The first is the original Greek text. This Greek text is the Robinson and Pierpont, The New Testament in the Original Greek: Byzantine Textform, 2005 (Chilton Book Publishing, 2005). This 2005 edition of the RP Majority text has been released into the public domain by its editors and we have prayerfully decided to use it as our Greek Text.
  2. The second version that will be available for the New Testament is and interlinear translation we are entitling the Breath of God Interlinear New Testament. This is the RP Majority text with a literal word for word translation directly below the Greek Text. This shows the translation process of the Breath of God Version and makes an interlinear available for those that would like one.
  3. The third version of the New Testament is the fully translated and readable Holy Bible: Breath of God Version ( or BOGV – Breath Of God Version). This is a new translation of the Bible that is available in Modern English for free. We started with the World English Bible as a base for our translation. This is partly due to the fact that is in the public domain and is already an update to the American Standard Version. This takes a lot of the work of updating the ASV out of the equation and allows us to simply look at the words on the page. This does NOT make the BOGV simply a word for word copy of the WEB (as you can see if you read it) it simply means that the WEB was our starting point and we have since diverged with their translation.
    There are two projects that come out of the BOGV and the Greek Text both being finished:

    1. The Breath of God Greek/English New Testament: This is a the RP Majority Text and BOGV presented side by side for comparison. The Greek Text is placed on the left hand page without any change from the formatting present in its own publication, and the English BOGV is placed on the right hand page, again, with the only change being that it is present in a single column.
    2. The Holy Bible: Breath of God Reader’s Edition: This is a special edition of the BOGV without Chapter Numbers, Verse Numbers or footnotes. It is laid out to look as if it were simply a book to read. This is done because of the love of books that a few of our editors have and their wish for the Bible to return to being a book that people want to read.
  4. The fourth we have the reason this whole project got started. While one translational/editorial team was working on the above projects, another was working on The Breath of God: the Bible Paraphrased. This is the beginning of this project and it has not been forgotten. This project dealt with comparing and contrasting as many versions of the book as humanly possible in order to take that information and make a paraphrase of the English Bible. This is not a paraphrase of a version of the Bible, but of as many as we could get our hands on (and thanks to sites like You Version, Bible Gateway, and Bible Hub this was a lot of versions).
  5. The fifth and final version of this project is the Breath of God Study Bible. This is a study bible to rival those put out by Crossways, Zondervan and Holman. Our goal with this is not to compete in the study bible market but to give a study bible to the world that is available for free and easy to use. In the Breath of God Study Bible there are comprehensive and in depth introductions to each book as well as two types of study notes: General Study Notes which refer to the passage on the page, and Accent Notes which refer to a theme, idea, or interesting information that is presented in the text. This Study Bible also has the Breath of God Version and the Breath of God Paraphrase in parallel on the page so that you can refer from to the other. This is there to hopefully give easy access to difficult passages. We are also pleased to announce that we have partnered with Believe Better Ministries on the Study Bible and they have gracious provided the study notes.

This is the breath of God Project Part 1. We have started with the New Testament and have to translate the Old Testament in the same manner (Keep an eye out for a “Part 2” to this post).

Now there has been a lot of talk on doing things on this website but not many results. So we are pleased to announce the that we now have an example volume for Part 1 of this project. This is the Epistle of Jude in the Versions that we plan on having available.

We hope that you enjoy this example and we would like for you to note that it is laid out for duplex printing. There are blank pages in the document. We apologize if this is an inconvenience, but this was an editorial decision. Thank you.

Click Here to Download the Breath of God Project Part 1: Jude


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